• Phone : 97883 88360 / 86101 88904
  • Opening Time : 10 am-2 pm
  • Address : Annamalai First Street,Ammapet(Near Gandhi Mythanam),Salem-636 003
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About Our Citizen Montessori School

Welcome to CITIZEN Montessori nursery &primary school. Education is the most important to survive and development of child, Montessori is the plays the significant role in our kinds education, and children wants the same thing that we want to be confident to face the world. Our vision is play and learn. When children plays they feel great and happier and their creativity made a magic. Children should face the world with bold and confidence. In our school play is the way the children learn from about themselves. Here we have highly professional teachers to trained our kids. Every child has some great talent, we just make them true in his own way. Our teaching process that helps to face the world with confident and ready for imagination, concentation, self confidence, social skills and everyday challenges.It's a quality cbsc schools in Salem. Child can learn each good things in our school they feel much enjoyed and knowledgeable in everyday.

Don't Miss Our Summer Classes

Let's learn best skills in this summer, here we offering different types of classes to children to learn new things in better ways.


Here phonics is the method of teaching to develop the English language reading&writing. Children learn the patterns of gramaphes sounds and spelling.


Hindi is the best way to learn in our school they are highly qualified teachers that they can help to read and write in the best way. We giving practice Children can speak fluently in hindi.

Fun with maths

In our Citizen Montessori school children were very happy to play and learn with maths. Play is the one they feel great and learn much more. Children excited to learn maths.


English we know the importance of business language. Here we teaching to Develop their English language in phonics method. Children can speak fluently.

Hands on science

Every child a some talent, our teachers find it and make them successful in their school days. Here we giving science through doing their hands.

Life skill

Children can develop their skills in their school age. Here we help you to Develop good skills in younger age. They face the world with confident to face challenges.


Handwriting is very important to every child. Its builds their confidence to face exam challenges to score high Mark's in their broad examination.

Yoga &Physical exercise

Physical exercise is much important to daily life, children feel great while doing yoga and physical exercise, its maintain to increase their memory levels.

Craft work

It's a fun time, here our teachers can teach you the different types craft works in easy way. Children can enjoy and learn new things from us.

Drawing & painting

Drawing is an art, we have best qualified teachers to teach drawing and painting children in the best way, we just make them in his own way.


Dance its feels great while says dance. Here we have different types of dance class. In our school children feel enjoyed and cheery everyday..


In our school we having special class for chess it's a brainy game to each children, teachers has the best and easy to teach the chess to children.


Computer education is the most important to every children to face the today's challenges, here we giving the basic knowledge about computer to these in younger age.


It's an art of paper folding, children can learn easy with simple instructions. It's an Japanese method to create and enjoy with these method.

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